GPS – Self Defence in Lisbon

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GPS – Self Defence in Lisbon

You never know when a dangerous situation can happen and that is why everyone should know how to defend themselves. There will always be thieves who want to take what is not theirs and bad people who want to hurt or humiliate others. When you train in self-defence, you get the tools to protect yourself from danger.

GPS is a special system of self-defence, studying strategy and combat distances in a real situation.

We create training programs according to what the student or a specific group of students wants, providing support with recycling programs so that the content learned is not forgotten and is constantly mechanized in the body. These training programs are taught only and exclusively in private classes to be contracted by interested parties.

There are 9 levels in the GPS system. These are the respective lines of what you will learn at each level:
Distance from Kicks, Punches, Knees and Elbows, Projections, Anti-Ground, Grips, Ground, Chi Na and Weapons

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