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Wing Chun in Lisbon, Santarém and Caldas da Rainha

What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art based on explosive attack and absolute control of the opponent, with the action zone being a close range distance.

Reasons to learn Wing Chun

• It is simple, direct and efficient, eliminating the idea of “techniques”, being its focus, the pure strategy, always following the laws of physics.
• It is a practical martial art, allowing someone to defend themselves even if the aggressor is bigger or stronger, and does not need the physical preparation component.
• It is ideal for crowded environments, such as cities. It can be used even when attacked in a confined space, such as an elevator, staircase or corridor.
• Provides the body with the ability to respond instantly and instinctively to an attack, as it is based primarily on reflective movements compared to combat sports or a self-defense system.
• It is designed to be learned in a relatively short time. With regular practice, you can learn the entire main system in about two to three years.
• It can be practiced by men and women, with no age limit. The size or physical capacity of the person is not important, being a sustainable art for life, as it does not depend on strength.

Schools and instructors

Gonçalo Patrício

Ricardo Silva

Marco Alonso

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